Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spotify search with JQuery Mobile

I want to broaden my skills set of mobile development. Since 2 years I have been involved in Android development, now I want to get involved in a cross-platform solution using Javascript, Html and CSS. 

JQuery Mobile

During my time at KHLeuven I have written a lot of Javascript code but since my graduation i have written none. So I believed it was time to refresh my javascript by experimenting with JQuery mobile. I wanted to create a simple search application that uses an online datasource to fill in a ListView.


I chose Spotify as an online datasource since it uses JSON as a data-interchange format and I have used it before in other projects. Another reason why I use Spotify is that the application can be used to invoke playing a new song on a spotify client.


I have packaged the application using PhoneGap. By using PhoneGap the process of building a native app embedded with javascript is simplified.


Source Code

The code used in this demonstration isn't a good example of functional programming. I solely wanted to test out JQuery and not write a full application that is extensible. Only reuse the code by re-factoring it into functions and objects.
Link to source

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