Wednesday, July 18, 2012


version 0.2.7

The Ubuntu App Showdown deadline has passed. So the time has come to start a new project!
I teamed up with the same developer as the showdown competition, Lemaire NickLet's introduce the project by demonstrating some screenshots of the application in development.
Screenshot phone

VLC remote
Screenshot tablet

During my internship at Philips iLab in Leuven, I had the chance to discover the development possibilities of the VLC-platform created by VideoLan. One of the possibilities is the usage of the web interface via Http protocol. By using the web interface of VLC, a developer can control a VLC-instance on the local area network by invoking simple http requests.

Current features:
  • Manuel connection wizard
  • Playback control (play, pause, loop, shuffle etc.)
  • Volume control
  • Dynamic playlist
  • Metadata processing
  • Dynamic preferences
Future features
  • Automatic connection wizard
  • Gestures control

Coming soon to the Google Playstore, just need to get my hands on a developers key!

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